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Thick attachments or Curved ends watch straps

Creating your custom-made watch strap is also making sure that you find the type of strap that best suits your watch.

Depending on the model of your watch, certain types of strap will be available and others won't. We offer you a series of articles that will help you chose the most suitable option to your watch and your taste.

The main goal here : a strap that will match the shape or your watch case.

If your strap already embraces your watch case and lugs perfectly  (in-depth and in-thickness), in this case it will concern a strap with inserts so we invite you to read the dedicated section here.

If it's not the case, you will find 2 different technics which unique purpose is to try to match that effect : either a strap with curved ends or a strap with thick attachments.

They aren't suited for the same watches, and you have to choose the right one in order to avoid that :

The main criterion to determine which technic to chose from is the width between lugs : That part up and down your watch where your strap is fixed. 

If you look inside those lugs you will see holes. They are made to insert the lug bars (a long and thin metallic part put inside the top of the strap).

  • If those holes are close to the case of your watch, you will need a type a strap called "curved ends".
  • If those holes are far from the watch case, you will need to chose a type of strap called « thick attachments ».


What to expect with a strap with "thick attachments" ?

Once you'll receive your strap you won't necessary find a big difference to the naked eye with a classic type of strap but in fact the technic used on this strap in order for it to "embrace" the watch-case is far from classic. The leather is going to flatten itself until it will take the shape of the case and give the impression of becoming one with your watch. 

At first sight, this type of strap is not different from the classic one, although, its particular assembly at the attachment  (where the lug bars are installed) result in a strap that comes very close to the case, thus you won't find that usual "space" between the strap and the watch-case.

For a strap with thick attachment, it will be very important to inform us of your watch brand and model so that we can adapt the type/size of tick attachment your strap needs. It will concern in particular brands such as Rolex and Omega.

Rolex Submariner - Strap without thick attachments

Rolex Submariner - Strap with thick attachments


2/ Strap with curved ends

There is no mind trap here !

A strap with curved ends is a strap that will be curved inward at the attachment with the watch.

However, the outcome will be different depending on your watch and the place where your lug bars (so your strap) will be fixed to the width between lugs :

Lug bars near the case (recommended)

Lug bars far from the case (Prefer thick attachments)


It is generally recommended (some would even say mandatory) for FP Journe watches, some Jaeger-Lecoultre, or Beaume et Mercier models, ... mainly very dressed models.

If you have a doubt, it is strongly advised to contact us before ordering.