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Watch bands & straps, Leather goods, Watch accessories...
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ABP est une société indépendante. Nous ne sommes affiliés à aucune marque horlogère.
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    Watch-making services:

    - Check up,
    - Service,
    - Repair,
    - Battery change,
    - Polishing,
    - Waterproofness,
    - Hand or laser Engravings,
    - Transformation of watch cases with fixed ends into classic ends,
    - Transformation of watch cases with technical ties into classic ends,
    - Transformation of watch cases with fob into watches with wriststrap,
    - Transformation of watch undercases into sapphire undercasing,
    - PVD coating,
    - Dial, hands, and watch cases customizing.

    For watch-making services, please count about 250 euros for a mechanic watch, 350 euros for an automatic watch, 200 euros for a quartz watch, and between 1 weeks and 8 weeks leadtime according to the type of work so do not hesitate to leave your watch while we make your watchband.

    We also propose a 30 minutes emergency check-up service (30 - 45 euros)

    - 3 ATM waterproofness test (water depth)
    - Precision test,
    - Watchcase cleaning (impurities and organic durts)
    - Watch glass and watch case slight polishing.

    For customization, please contact us by email.