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    A company unique on earth


    « Leather craft company, time machine, zoo or travel agency », The Atelier du Bracelet Parisien is all of this at the same time.




    Above all, ABP is a French craft company, certified “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant” (Company of Living Heritage) by the French government because 80% of our watch straps and leather goods are custom made in our Parisian workshop, with the highest standards of quality.




    Then, our reason of being is to propose the highest quality leather straps to watch lovers. That is why we are offering the widest choice of leathers, tannings, colors, watchbands shapes and thicknesses in the leather watch bands industry. Our reputation and our main interest is this rare specification in the world of leather craft.





    We propose to individuals but also professionnals a wide choice of bands and straps for watches, classical or vintage, technical or prototypes.

    On the leather side : stock or bespoke watch straps and small leather goods (made to measures), bags, telephone cases, belts, smoking and writing accessories, wallets, purses...

    On the watches side : accessories (tools, boxes, safe deposit), new and second hand watches, watch customizing, watch repair, coaching, watchmaking training…