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Alligator Tongs / Flip flops - Custom green Havaianas - Wild Alligator

640.00 €

Alligator Flip flops / Tongs - Custom green Havaianas - Wild Alligator strips

Description :

ABP Concept, in its unique and creative spirit, customizes the rubber tongs of the famous Brazilian brand Havaianas by wrapping the leather flanges with genuine alligator leather on the top, a rubberized calfskin lining for a rubber-like feel and a semi-tribal hand sewing to sublimate the whole.

For information, the new flip flops are simply sheathed, and it is quite possible to return to the original design by unstitching the leather parts that we added.

Manufacturing time : 3-6 weeks

Material :

Wild Alligator.

Sizes  :

Eur 35/36 - US 4/5 W - UK 3/4
Eur 37/38 - US 5.5/6.5 W - UK 4.5/5
Eur 39/40 - US 6/7 M , 7.5/8 W - UK 6/7
Eur 41/42 - US 8/8.5 M , 9/9.5 W - UK 7.5/8
Eur 43/44 - US 9.5/10 M - UK 9/10
Eur 45/46 - US 11/11.5 M - UK 11/12
Eur 47/48 - US 12.5/13.5 M - UK 13 


tongs available online on this e-shop and in our Paris store .

More information :

It goes without saying that Havainas flip flops are particularly renowned for their ultra resistance, but the alligator leather covering is completely contrary to aquatic use. Any return, exchange or refund will be refused.

Note that ABP is an independent brand and we have no contractual or commercial relationship with the Havaianas brand. We mention the Havaianas brand only for the sake of consumer information and respect for their designs and creations.

For the sake of honesty, we also respectfully note that ABP is not the first to customize crocodile flip flops of this iconic brand. Indeed the French brand Pinel & Pinel preceded us, of course in a different design and assembly mode.

ABP offers a high-end collection and luxury leather goods on the internet, but if your budget allows you, know that our team of leather craftsmen is able to achieve absolutely any article of leather goods or bespoke bespoke, personalized , made in France, in our workshop in Paris: smoking or writing articles, small leather goods, bags and luggage, clothes, furnishing, belts, accessories in about forty classic or exotic leathers: alligator and crocodile, cattle, goats, pigs, ostrich, python ...