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Golay Spierer "Einstein" - Unique piece

113,000.00 €

Golay Spierer "Einstein" and alligator strap by ABP Concept

Your watch was born from the original and unprecedented idea of Gaël Bonnel Sanchez: to design and manufacture a watch from an authentic document signed by the hand of a historical figure.
This approach is totally at the heart of Golay Spierer and its founder Christophe Golay. Since 2001 we advocate luxury as the intersection of three fundamental values which are:

Creativity - Rarity - Excellence

The 2nd Opus of our capsule collection «Heroïca Tempus» is dedicated to Albert Einstein, who by his genius and his creativity, offered humanity a visionary look at the functioning of physics, that of particles like that of the universe.
In 1905 at the age of 26, he enunciated most of the theories which opened up completely innovative paths.
In 1921 he received the Nobel Prize in physics when he was only 42 years old. Today on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of this award, we wish to honor his memory by creating this watch with the dial signed by his hand.

ABP Concept alligator leather strap specifications:

Alligator watch strap, specifically designed to sublimate the "Einstein" watch. Red rubber calf lining.

ABP is not affiliated with any watch brand.

Watch Features of the "Einstein" watch by Golay Spierer:

Like each of the pieces bearing our name, your watch is a unique piece.
The model we have developed is an automatic watch with a mechanical movement.
- The micro-rotor movement is from the Vaucher manufacture ref 5401. All the plates were decorated with sunray-finished Geneva waves. The micro-rotor is 18K white gold engraved by hand.
- The case is made in the mass from a block of titanium. Mounted with two double-sided anti-reflective sapphire crystals. The bottom is closed with 4 stainless steel screws.
An engraved meteorite plaque is set on the back of the case.
- The seal was tested on a test bench at 50 meters.
- The dial consists of a metallic base on which the cut document is placed. A sapphire crystal is placed on top and is held in place by a ring. The brand name and the «Swiss made» caption are fixed on the sapphire.
- The hands have been machined in steel, polished and shaped by hand.
- The strap is made of full alligator leather mounted with a titanium clasp.

Important steps of manufacturing:

The historical document
The meeting and collaboration with Autographes des Siècles and its founder, Mr. Julien Paganetti, opened up the world of manuscripts and historical documents for us. He allowed us to find the original letter sent by Napoleon to General Clarke during the Prussian Campaign. Signed by the emperor on March 4th, 1807, the letter is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

So that the decoupage stage retains the artisanal touch of our creations, we called on the expertise of Marianne Dubuis.
Marianne has been practicing her decoupage skills for over 40 years at Château d’Oex, an iconic village in the traditional Swiss art of decoupage.

Talented engraver installed in Sonvilier in the Bernese Jura, Dolorès is a real artist who engraves by hand with exceptional precision and meticulousness. We have been working with her for 20 years and it is always a pleasure.