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The Stingray: the secrets of a special leather

Posted by Bou Tique on
Bracelets montres cuir - Le Galuchat : les secrets d’un cuir d’exception

Stingray lovers, do you really known its story ?

Its name « Stingray » (in French Galuchat), was given by a leather good craftsman, the master Jean-Claude Galluchat. He was the first artisan in Occident to tame this leather and dress objects which loved Madam of Pompadour. This marquise was the equivalent of a blogger in our modern time. She embodied the taste of fashion, luxury, exoticism and the search of rare and expensive things from the 18th century.

Mr Galuchat became the unique reference at this era and gave his name to this leather.

For a long time overlooked, it made a great and brilliant come back in Decorative Art Style. It represented the epitome of luxury and sophistication.

The price of Stingray Leather is justified by the hard work carried out on the leather. Simultaneously leather and mineral, it’s not treated like other leathers. The craftsman does a thorough work to preserve the nobility of the leather, covered of glittering pearls. Furthermore, there is a central pearl on the leather which increases the leather’s value and scarcity.

Progressively, Stingray set its footprints into the leather world. Due to its singularity, The Perrins introduced into their leather collection.

Today, jewel of our leather collection, the stingray leather has not finished to impress you.IMG_6780.jpg

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